Stompie was reportedly a Mandela victim.

6’4″ tall Mandela and his first wife Evelyn Mase in 1944

It is as if there were two Mandelas.

The Mandela who went into prison was reportedly six foot, four inches tall.

The Mandela who came out of prison was reportedly about five foot, nine inches.

I Believe Nelson Mandela Had Already Died – Godlike Productions

Victim of Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s terrorists planted bombs in public places, thus killing women and children.

Victims of Mandela.

Mandela’s first wife was Evelyn.

Mandela flaunted his girl friends in front of Evelyn.

According to Evelyn: “There was another woman and this one started coming home, walking into our bedroom, following him into the bathroom . . . I declared that I would not allow it.”

The ballroom dancing ladies’ man with a very tempestuous love life

It was reported that Mandela had an illegitimate son.

In her divorce petition Evelyn accused Mandela of beating her, throttling her, and threatening to attack her with an axe.

Nelson and Winnie

Before the divorce, in 1958, Mandela had taken up with Winnie and they eventually married.

Winnie was Mandela’s sort of woman.

In 1964 Mandela was jailed for life.

When Winnie was allowed to return to Johannesburg in 1986 she became a murderous gangster.

Winnie called for her followers to attack their enemies with ‘matches and their necklaces’ – tyres filled with petrol, put around people’s necks, and set on fire.

Winnie set up Mandela United, a militia which recruited thugs from the townships.

These thugs were used to terrorise Black people.

These thugs would kidnap Blacks and take them to Winnie’s home, a large mansion surrounded by electric fences.

Winnie liked to whip her captives, put plastic bags over their heads and then have them disposed of.

Stompie (right) The Truth About South Africa.

Winnie was accused, by one of her bodyguards, of having played a part in the murder of Stompie Sepei Moetesky, a 14-year-old boy.

Stompie was tortured and his throat was cut.

His body was found next to Winnie’s house in 1989.

The ballroom dancing ladies’ man 

Many other boys were murdered, reportedly by Winnie’s gang.

In 1998, Mandela married Graca Machel, the former wife of Mozambique’s president.

Nelson Mandela has been accused of giving no affection to his children, some of whom have died in tragic circumstances.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

At least two of these people are said to be spooks: Jemima Khan, Imran Khan, Naomi Campbell, Charles Taylor (CIA), Nelson Mandela (MI6), Gracha Machel, Quincy Jones, Mia Farrow and Tony Leung

Nelson Mandela is said to have worked for MI6.


Above we see Nelson Mandela and his friend Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor helped to finance the attacks of 9 11 in the USA.

(Liberia’s Taylor gave aid to Qaeda, UN probe finds – The Boston Globe)

From the early 1980s onwards, Charles Taylor worked for the USA’s Defence Intelligence Agency.

In January 2012, this was confirmed by the Pentagon, thanks to a Freedom of Information request from the Boston Globe.


When Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa, crime and poverty increased.

Journalist John Pilger, in his book ‘Freedom Next Time’, tells us:

1. South Africa is rich in minerals.

2. The average black household income has fallen by 19% since independence.

3. “The unspoken deal was that whites would retain economic control in exchange for black majority rule.”

4. “Before 1994, there were secret meetings in Britain between Thabo Mbeki, the white elite and the big global companies with links to South Africa.

Mandela the capitalist terrorist
5. Mandela said to Pilger:

“We do not want to challenge big business that can take fright and take away their money . . . 

“You can call it Thatcherite but, for this country, privatisation is the fundamental policy.”

Pilger writes of Mandela that “as the first liberation president, he ordered a ridiculous and bloody invasion of tiny Lesotho.

“He allowed South African armaments to be sold to Algeria, Colombia and Peru, which have notorious human rights records.

“He invited the Indonesian mass murderer General Suharto to South Africa and gave him the country’s highest award . . . He recognised the brutal Burmese junta as a legitimate government.”


Chris Hani
Mandela was anti-communist.

Winnie Mandela has claimed that the Mandela faction within the African National Congress conspired with the people who murdered the South African Communist leader, Chris Hani in 1992.


“There are some in the ANC who believe ANC members had something to do with Hani’s assassination.

“Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was reported in the London Sunday Times, a week after the assassination, to have told confidants she believed moderate ANC leaders had conspired with the National Party government to eliminate Hani. 

“The report said: ‘according to her, details of Hani’s movements, including critical information about when his bodyguards would be absent, were passed to government security agents, who in turn made this known to Waluz [Hani’s killer, FB]’.” 

Who Killed Chris Hani?

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