excerpt from: The world observed through eyes that see Revelations for the 21st century

The answer lies within

 The dream state as master Hierophant
 Imagine, you are a computer and you have just been assembled and are plugged in for the first time. You are ready to receive your “operating system”, which will serve as communication system between you and the outside world. It will be the basis of your world view, as long as it remains installed. There will be updates, but the basic system stays the same. This is a perfect analogy for how we enter our lives as human beings. The initial programming of our subconscious mind, which we receive during infancy and early childhood years, becomes our “operating system” and becomes the basis for our definition of reality, of our identity, how we behave and of our purpose in life. Now, going back to the analogy, imagine that you receive an operating system which is inferior to that of other computers and limits you in your communication with the outside world. This is a perfect analogy for what happens to our subconscious mind, when we are born and raised in western/ “modern” society. We adapt a (subconscious) programming, which prevents us from properly interacting with nature. A child growing up in the wilderness, with little or no contact to other people (and receiving no language-based “deaducation”, to use a term that Dr. Phil Valentine coined), will perceive and define “reality” in a completely different way than a child raised in the city.
In this blog entry I will verbally describe – as far as this is possible and meaningful – a fundamental shift of reality, which liberates the mind, makes life more meaningful and connects with mother nature (Metu Neter). The task at hand is not to describe a new, or “modern” (“New Age” type) reality, but rather to point out the natural, ancient, original, true human reality of nature, which nowadays is more and more blocked by the unnatural, subconscious “operating system” that western society “installs” in children. In “The Matrix”, protagonist Neo (= Neo-Cortex, the youngest part of the human brain, the part that makes a human being a human being) expresses his willingness to be (re-) initiated to reality by Morpheus (a Greek deity of dreams). Precisely in the same way we can also choose the “Red Pill” and start learning about reality again. The movie correctly points at the fact that this initiation is received through the dream state/ trance (Morpheus serves as  the Hierophant/ master initiator), because what we commonly see as “waking state/ daylight reality” is in reality a half-blind dream state that reveals only an atrophied image of reality (compare with “Plato`s cave” analogy) produced by the severely limited five senses. Up to this point, Neo (the brain) believed that it was awake, but it was not!…read more at http://forthosewitheyestosee.blogspot.com.es/2013/11/the-answer-lies-within.html

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