Elohim Message on the HAARP-Induced Mega-Earthquake on the Lower Three 4D Earths By Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, July 18, 2013

I have just received a new message from Jahn where it is confirmed that the announced HAARP-induced Mega-earthquake announced by Angelika yesterday has been triggered on July 16th on all three lower 4D earths and that about 2/3 of the human population there – roughly 4 billion human beings with soul fragments or soulless empty images of humans – have been annihilated. It is Obama who has personally taken the responsibility for this.

This event will trickle down or better upwards to our upper 4D earth in the coming days as the Elohim assure us in their message below, while also essentially confirming the occurrence of this event.

What is important to know is that most of us have sent their soul segments to these lower three catastrophic 4D earths in the hope to awaken some more souls. This attempt has now fully failed and many of us have physically died there as parallel personalities. This could have been experienced in the last several days as depression, anxiety and grief ,as was the case with my dual soul, who had the fear that I might die soon. After I made her aware of the absurdity of this premonition and that I feel much better than before, her HS told her that this was a parallel life, in which she has been attuned, on the lower 4D earths where indeed 4 billion human beings have been killed by the dark cabal. It is mind boggling as all this happens multidimensionally and we shall not directly experience any of this, but this surge of utter darkness will fuel our imminent ascension very soon. The course of the events have now accelerated tremendously due to this man-made catastrophe on the lower 4D timelines, so that our ascension is imminent.

This dreadful crime was not planned in this way and the HR are now in total perplexity as to how humans can commit such a capital crime on other humans.

But this global disaster is reality since July 16th and now it must trickle upwards into the higher three 4D earths and in particular into our upper 4D timeline before we can ascend. It is hence not sure if this Mega-earthquake will also occur on our timeline, but it is sure that it will not affect us and we will not experience it directly.

It is an extremely complex picture where one should detach from the linear thinking and what happens here and watch all the parallel scenes at the same time with the inner third eye and then conclude what will appear on our scene.

more at:  http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/07/elohim-message-haarp-induced-mega-earthquake-4d-earths/


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