Floods in Southern Alberta caused by NEXRAD Stations in U.S. & Canada – Shocking PROOF

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We are surprised that none of the major media outlets have mentioned that the heavy rainfall Southern Alberta received in the past days originated from Southern Montana. Here is how the weather pattern formed in the past 2 days. Pay close attention to how some of these storm systems are “tapered”.Where the cursor is throughout the video are points of interest. For active NEXRAD sites, view here:


At about 6 seconds into the video, you will notice that the storm begins in Southern Montana, and is actively being fed and driven by NEXRAD station KBLX in Billings, Montana. The storm is also being fed and driven by other NEXRAD stations throughout the neighbouring states, causing it to move east. We see this storm mysteriously originating from specific points of interest, initially starting in Billings, Montana. This is what brought majority of the rainfall in the past day, which caused severe flooding for Southern Alberta.

At about 10 seconds into the video, we see numerous other storms “mysteriously” appearing at central points, specifically in North Dakota and Nebraska. These storms later merge with the one that was created in south Montana. We have uploaded the different NEXRAD animations for these different stations to better depict what was occurring in those areas. You will see the storm systems being fed from some of these locations, and radar pulsing to influence cloud patterns.

With the amount of metal particles in aerosols that are being sprayed (Geoengineering) in the upper atmosphere daily, which actively collect moisture to form clouds, there should be no surprise at how some of these weather patterns are being driven. The clouds laced with metallic particles can be influenced by NEXRAD radar, which are simply electromagnetic waves emitted from these stations.

After watching the NEXRAD animations, one should be convinced that this is not how natural clouds are formed. We can clearly see the weather patterns and cloud formations being affected by the EM waves (ie. radar) emitted from these NEXRAD stations.

More research is needed in this field, and there needs to be a thorough investigation from officials around various States and Canadian cities for the amount of damage that has been caused in the name of weather modification.


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