Sexual Desire – Getting a Monkey off My Back

broadwell tn.jpg(Left. Sex turns men into monkeys)

Sexual desire is cultivated and used for political
control and satanic possession. I wish I had been able
to wean myself from it 35 years ago.

“I get bored easily but, unfortunately, transcending sexual desire has taken 35 years. By some mysterious alchemy, probably related to being 63, I am now largely free of this debilitating dis-ease and can’t help doing a happy dance.”

(Disclaimer: By “sexual desire,” I am referring to the random anonymous lust fostered by the mass media, not the desire a happily married couple might feel.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

During my late twenties, I enjoyed a short period of grace when I considered taking vows of celibacy and
becoming a monk.

I rejected this path because I had not yet explored the promise of love and sex heralded by our occult-ure which still held me in its thrall.

overrated.jpgI compared myself to a hamburger cooked on one-side. I had some spiritual insight but lacked worldly experience.  As long as I felt I was “missing something,” I wouldn’t be free.

My sordid sexual odyssey resembles many men of my generation. Three failed marriages; two based on sexual attraction. Strippers. Playboy Videos. Internet porn (tasteful nudity only.) My strategy was not to deny myself, and therefore make it an issue. Rather I wanted to show my animal self that what it craved was nothing special. I wanted the “Holy Grail” to rust and fall off its hinges.

I get bored easily but, unfortunately, transcending sexual desire has taken 35 years. By some mysterious alchemy, probably related to being 63, I am now largely free of this debilitating dis-ease and can’t help doing a happy dance.

The male attraction to women is mostly sexual.  This desire totally distorts our perception. It gives women an aura they don’t deserve. Intuitively, they exploit this male weakness.

Were it not for sex, would men spend any time with women? I estimate that at least 50% of couples are otherwise incompatible. This corresponds to the divorce rate.

jpg(Why do men feel they have to satisfy women?)

Sexual liberation” is not wanting sex. Heavy chains have been removed from my shoulders.

Men think their sex drive is a blessing, a proof of manliness and source of bliss. Men should realize it is a curse occupying our thoughts day and night. Worse, this addiction was created and fed by Illuminati social engineers.


We are apes with consciousness, a Divine Spirit. This is the source of our desire for spiritual ideals like love, truth, justice, beauty and peace.

The Illuminati is a satanic cult that controls the world. They want to supplant the Creator and reverse the Divine order. This is the meaning of “revolution” and the “New World Order,” i.e. worship Lucifer instead of God. 

They want to invert good and evil, truth and lies, beauty and ugliness etc. so they can be God. Lucifer represents their megalomania. Mankind is satanically possessed.

They want to induct the human race into their cult as their servants. Therefore, they are erasing the word “God” from the vocabulary.

monkey55.jpgSpiritual ideals like truth and justice define us as human.  Thus the Illuminati remove sexual constraints so the ape’s reproductive instincts override our spiritual aspirations,  and we forget who we are. 


Thus, our satanic possession takes the form of sexual obsession.  Illuminati social engineers convinced us that sex for its own sake has a spiritual value. (Sex scenes in movies are usually presented as holy sacraments.)   This is satanic induction.

They must stoke the fires because sex is getting tired. Everyday, the mass media pushes half-naked young women at us, as if we haven’t seen ten million. Porn is a keystroke away. This is all for control purposes.

Our occult-ure is besotted by attractive young women. Because women control the pleasure portal, they have inflated power and status. Paradoxically, in practice, this results in less power. They are all competing on the same basis and have to give it away.

The social engineers keep pressing the ape’s sex buttons, so he will forgot his spiritual identity. They want us to fixate on our genitals and forget about political action.


MT.pngI wish I didn’t waste 35 years getting to this point. I wish there were some Reverse-Viagra which would have made me see women and sex realistically.

If I wasn’t always told sex was “the most wonderful experience life has to offer,” and the key to my personal development, I might have accomplished much more. Sex at a young age stunts our personal development.  This is why they push “sex education” and homosexuality in schools.

Saving sex for marriage allowed us to develop as fully rounded human beings. It forced us to reserve sex for a permanent relationship. It forced us to become worthy as human beings – husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

I wish I could have read this 35 years ago, and realized that I wasn’t “missing something.” All that hype about sex was coming from a satanic cult, and was intended to deceive and enslave me.

I would have abstained from sex. There is no “there there.” It is more Illuminati Cabalist hype. I would have saved myself a lot of time and energy, instead of learning these lessons slowly and painfully. 
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