Female Attire Attacks both M/F Psyche

leggings.jpg(The modern female dilemma: Dress like a man or a whore?)

I suspect we have all become hardened a little by modern women’s clothing styles.” 

The war on gender as seen in female dress.

by Wendy Holland

The idea that wearing jeans or slacks was somehow attacking my mind would have seemed laughable to me… until I gave them up.    

In 1960, Cardinal Siri sent a message  to his priests warning against the increasing numbers of women wearing trousers:  “…we are fighting against the flattening out of mankind, against the attack upon those differences on which rests the complementarity of man and woman…..”

“When we see a woman in trousers, we should think …of what it will be when women will have masculinized themselves for good.  Nobody stands to gain by helping to bring about a future age of vagueness, ambiguity, imperfection and, in a word, monstrosities.”

Well, here we are in the predicted era of flat gender sameness. Modern women’s clothing is aggressive towards men. Much of contemporary female attire, including even the ubiquitous snugly-fitting jeans (and the new “leggings”), sets up a subtle confrontational message: “Here I am in your face and I’m going to force a reaction out of you.” 

Something in the male psyche has to harden against the assault.  And the woman’s psyche had already been desensitized in order to accept wearing these things in the first place.

Pleasant feminine clothing, on the other hand, aborts the “getting checked out and sized up” glance, however unintentional and harmless.  And even more particularly, skirts, by their nature, obviate certain awkward and embarrassing types of inadverdent glances.

 For this reason alone,one would think husbands and wives would prefer that wives wear skirts.  But we are all, men and women, so very very far past these types of considerations.  


Could women, and proud husbands and boyfriends, sacrifice ego-boosting glances and live with respectful disinterest? 

Wow.  This just goes against the “strut your stuff” mantra and indoctrination of the past decades.  “Shake your booty” reigns supreme with the ubiquitous new, stretch leggings.

 My son, in his twenties, and I, at the mall, found ourselves walking behind an attractive young lady wearing stretch leopard-print leggings, and everyone in the mall was invited to watch every shake and jiggle as she passed.

Clothing does change psychology. Cardinal Siri writes:  “The wearing of men’s [trousers] by women primarily affects the woman herself, first by changing the feminine psychology proper to women. Second, it affects the woman as the wife of her husband by tending to corrupt the relations between the sexes.”

“In truth, the [female] motive …[is] to compete with the man… This motivation shows clearly that masculine dress is a visible support to bring about a mental attitude of being ‘like a man.’  “

“Permit us to add that a woman who always wears the clothing of men more or less indicates that she is reacting to her femininity as if it were inferior, when in fact it is only different. The perversion of her psychology is clearly evident. »

frock.jpgMost women will find these ideas absurd and will honestly defend their pant-wearing femininity… until they can experience a life away from jeans and slacks for a while.  Then the difference becomes clear.  I do believe a certain intuition of intrinsic feminity has been erased from awareness by modern clothing.  It’s almost impossible for women to recognize this, however, because the loss is undetectable if you have nothing with which to contrast your only known state of being.  

A switch to feminine clothing helps reawaken the suppressed psychological state.  In trying to pinpoint exactly what the “what” is that has been lost, various words come to mind, ladylike, non-aggressive.  But I think the word “womanliness” is the best.

And, just for the record, I haven’t detected that skirt-wearing has caused a decrease in my intelligence or general competence!  


Father Emily, writing to his parishioners in 2004,  said:  “Freemasonry has planned for centuries the gradual destruction of the Catholic Church [and thereby society] through the immodesty and “liberalisation” of women.” 

He quotes from a letter of a leader of the [Masonic] Italian Alta Vendita written in 1838:  “… let us popularise vice among the multitudes, that they may breathe it through their five senses, … It is corruption on a big scale that we have undertaken… ..To destroy Catholicism, we should do away with women.  Let us corrupt them with the Church. …The best dagger to strike the Church is corruption.”   

And, again, quoting from the International Review of Freemasonry, 1928:  “Religion does not fear the dagger’s point.  But it can vanish under corruption.  Let us not grow tired of corruption:  we may use a pretext such as sport, hygiene, health resorts.  It is necessary to corrupt, that our boys and girls practice nudism in dress.  To avoid too much reaction, one would have to progress in a methodical manner:  first, undress up to the elbow, then the knees:  then arms and legs completely uncovered: later, the upper part of the chest, the shoulders, etc. etc.”
In conclusion, clothing styles reflect the fact that modern woman has been re-engineered to disconnect from her feminine nature, and her sense of being female has been reduced to body parts. Masonic Mission Accomplished. – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/#sthash.8ioWVcLz.dpuf


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