URGENT A letter from Robert Fox incarcerated and ill in a deplorable state TX prison- please post or blast – an please if you can help

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Hi All

This is an email for help for Robert Fox.  Many of us have been incarcerated wrongfully, and know the conditions we suffer through as we are treated  as less than dogs.

I have taken the opportunity to send his letter out to all that can then in turn blast it to those that an help.

RObert, not unlike others, is being fed contaminated food, put in deplorable freezing conditions and it will be worse in the summer where temps are upwards of 128 degrees in the cell blocks, and where he is sure he will die there.

Many of his “friends ” have abandoned him.

For those of you who dont know Robert Fox, he would travel to many court to defend another falsely convicted, helping many at no cost, and getting people out of their plight on his dime.  Up until the day he was arrested, he was up throughout the night helping others before their court date or their tax issue. Where are these people now?

These criminals (prosecutor and judge and local town police) that have sought Robert Fox with a trumped up criminal conviction for filing what the prosecution called a false document against the county for destroying his home 3 times and only after the third time, Robert filed a complaint.  It all began after Robert and others bought a church back in 2004, to convert into a community center to help others and beating out a socialite connected to a judge.  The cops would beat him up, or remove him, every time he showed up on the property he purchased (police across the street) and eventually they trashed his home accusing him with some drug use or finding some drugs in the home that no doubt were planted, that charge he subsequently beat.  Robert filed criminal complaints against the county and individuals for destroying his home and that is when they contrived this criminal complaint. Why criminal ?  To deport him?  Why did they go after Robert?  Robert exposed them for the criminals that they are and were and stuck to his guns that the town that assaulted and stole from him, were comprised of criminals from cops to attorneys to judges.  They escalated their assault against him, the living man and his property.
They created a criminal complaint because this town of creatures in Texas want Robert deported to Canada even though he has been in Texas where he calls home, for more than 25 years. To do that they needed to come up with something criminal. He was accused of a crime in Canada 30 years or so ago, and found not guilty .. but prosecution challenged the matter on appeal back in Canada and bribed by some judges  for reversal since those he injured in a car accident were related to a judges family.  He then left the country  and had justification for living in Texas.  All was copecetic with INS and given some sort of “pardon”.  He won his cases against the INS and the INS settled and gave him his freedom.

The INS came back into his life with the advent of this church purchase and this town filled with criminals,  stating that they cant find the documents that were issued for his freedom or they no longer apply and finally the most recent mental assault by the INS was that they can get re-involved once and if he is convicted of a crime. So the true criminals in this town charged the STRAW ROBERT FOX with a crime after Robert filed a criminal complaint against the County ( i think of Rusk ) for trashing his home not once but three times. The trashing of his property in 2008, followed the acquisition of the Church in 2004/2005.

They hope not to deport him to Canada and waste taxpayer funds as they are attempted to kill him like so many in these deplorable jails. 
You will read what Robert is going through in the attached letter. Few if any have come to his aid.

He has helped so many and stood by his beliefs be it as a belligerent or steadfast supporter of the Bible and scriptures that he knows inside and out .  He is an erudite for people around the world, a name so many know as one who has traded his time and energy and any funds he had to help others and yet such is not the case for him. As you will read from the letter.
He is dying with little care and no contacts and little funds if any.

He questions where all the people have gone that knew him and that he knew and called his friends, all those he has helped or talked to over the years and where he traded very needed sleep .He questions who he thought were friends while living in Texas and those always making excuses and yet he excuses them as to why they cant or wont help.

He thanks Howard Griswald and Dave in Delaware who sent some funds to commissary which has made the difference between life and death but also states that they steal some of the funds so he does not get it all.

I urge you to read his  letter, send it out to so many, and write or send funds.

If you are among those that can help, and know how to get into his cell either as a notary or a PAG or whatever without waiting 60 days, I hope you will visit as they wait 60 days to put you on his visiting list if they even do that ..

Just so you know , the public officials in the town that has been responsible for and sought Robert’s demise like others who have been wrongfully incarcerated based on their knowledge and support of others, have gotten away with the true crimes , ,, those in position of authority to arrest these judges and police,and prosectors/DA’s for their TRUE criminal acts are looking the other way and should be charged with murder.

The critical piece in the letter is that the TX Court of Criminal Appeals DENIED his Habeas on March 25 and all RF received was a post card with no explanation as to why he did not receive a judicial signed order. No one will give him an answer.

Another critical piece in the letter is the reporter who came to his cell to ask him his side of the story and the article should be out by now but i do not know the Newspaper not being from Texas so if you can research this reporter to see if he even told the truth since it would have been courtesy to send Robert Fox a courtesy copy yet he has received nothing.

If anyone knows anything about Lewis Mohr, a man who claims to be helping Robert but has had no recent contact with him, and who lives in the Austin Texas area,  please contact me privately so I can send your comments to Robert. According to Robert he is still trusting in Lewis’s desire to help him legally but Lewis was not present during his sentencing, (said he was ill) told him to file his Habeas with the wrong court, no where to be found either the day of or shortly after his arrest and incarceration and now is nowhere to be found with the DENIAL of Robert’s Habeas since March 25, 2013 (hmmmm).  I personally find those facts adverse to the very definition of support., legal or otherwise.  i have contacted Eddie Craig and alerted him to the Habeas time line.

There are numbers in the letter and a reporter name if anyone wants and can do their due diligence on inquiries.

I have intentionally NOT blind copied all of you so that you can contact one another if needed to help Robert.

Dave please get the message to Howard G.

Jack go do your thing ,,



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