March 30 2013



The most compelling evidence that war on the Korean peninsula may be imminent has come from a resident of South Korea who has lived there for years. If you are having any doubts about what is going on there, take the following to heart, this is internal to this web site and NOT the usual CNN hoakery.

Farganne who lives in Korea has noticed a severe slowdown of his internet performance after posting the following to the forum from there, quite possibly because all sensitive communications are being heavily monitored during this intense situation

Farganne posted the following:

I have lived in Korea for many years, and I have never seen rhetoric this intense.

There are always periodic outbreaks of hostilities here. I have never seen anything like this.

The difference here is that:

1. The North has severed the hotline.

2. The North has declared the armistice void.

3. The North has drawn a line they have never drawn before: If you conduct military exercises in the disputed maritime territory in the West (Yellow) Sea, then we will strike with nuclear capabilities.

4. The South Korean government has issued similar threats which reflect the rhetoric of the North. I have never once seen that. Ever. Yet they are doing it. And this is in light of the fact that Park Geun Hye, the current president, is the granddaughter of Park Jung Hee, the dictator of the 60s and 70s, who (I have seen compelling testimony) was actually in cahoots with Kim Il-Sung in a plot to reunify North and South in defiance of internationalist diktat — leading to the demise, when the plot was found out, of Kim Jung Hee.

There is plenty of substance to it. There has been business as usual — an armistice with lots of sword-rattling, but never anything amounting to a breaking of it — and then, what has gone down in the last few days, which is an explicit renouncing of the armistice, and an explicit declaration of a state of war.

When they were shooting at each other in the Yellow sea three years back, I yawned and put on a pot of collard greens. When the Cheonan sank, I quickly deduced that it was Hillary Clinton and Herr Kissinger that ordered it, and I went about my way. When the disputed islands were shelled, it was just a blip. A splash in the media, but a blip really.

This is different. I have never seen anything like this. @admin did a great job of interpreting all the different factors on a global scale, and I can’t improve on it. I can only say that the situation now is exceptional.

As for “what are they selling to the public”: the public is so inured by now to the situation that they are perfectly non-reactional. You can’t live in a state of fear all the time, and people here basically go about their business, no matter what. I will tell you that I recently got a short-term contract coaching Korean Army Intelligence officers in English, and yesterday during a sit-down lunch they were guffawing and having a great time. When I mentioned the new situation, they didn’t seem all that concerned. When I mentioned drones, they clammed up and said they couldn’t discuss that.

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