Jones, Icke, OPPT, Zeitgeist, Venus, etc deceivers. WAKE UP.


There is value to be gained from the process of attempting to view the world in the way that our masters do, from the top down, and in seeing the world from their perspective.
Their perspective is that they are the inheritors of the instruments of control, that the continuation of their generational control is paramount, that their god makes demands upon them in return for their position at the apex of the pyramid of power.

They take the long view of things, longer than the rest of us can even contemplate, because they see this world from the position of a continuous bloodline lasting millennia. From this perspective they can lay down plans and strategies which are bewildering in their complexity, handing the torch down from generation to generation.

They have always recruited the brightest minds from humanity, using their control of the resources of the world through the artificial agent called money to recruit those intellects into their service. This continuous stream of higher intelligences has gifted them the intellectual advantage over the rest of us, allowing them both to plan ahead and, by virtue of modelling and the process of logical deduction, to foresee the unfolding of events over time as few of us mere cattle can.

Imagine the difference between a chess grand master and a child in terms of the number of anticipated moves and the strategic forward thinking, throw in the vast store of additional knowledge of the moves that can be made and the moves that are known to produce certain outcomes and you begin to see how it is that humanity is outthought and outplayed from generation to generation with ease.

They have shaped the world such that most of us come into the world with no inheritance, each life being the battle for survival that emulates their parents’ battle and so on back through the generations. On this battle is our attention focused, leaving little time in our lives for the contemplation of the bigger game.

What we see of the reality now is the product of such forward planning and such strategy, the incredibly complex and detailed moves made in this great game begun centuries ago to meet the needs of today and to achieve the goals demanded of them.

As ever, we can only conject, with the understanding that this conjecture and deduction is made from a position of blindness. They have always had control of truth and knowledge and by means of that control they have held back the great tide of humanity and kept us in a condition of savagery.

Make no mistake, from before the fire at the library of Alexandria, via the destruction of Shamanic knowledge over the centuries, passing through the Inquisition and the murder of countless scientists over time right up to the present day, control of knowledge has been in their hands and part of their inherited wealth.

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