Geochronology Hiding History in the PastPart 1 of the Anthropology Series on the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens –daniel

One of the advantages of being a subcontractor for “black ops” projects is that you often overhear the strangest things—things that sound like science fiction or a good Halloween story, but you soon learn are very serious topics and you need to keep your mouth shut, until you are well away from the situation. And when you are poking around in history with the Phoenix III equipment, a lot of unexpected things turn up. And so is the case with the origins of man. Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright,1 hold on to your hats… because you were a lot closer than you realized.
These papers discuss anthropology, the study of the origins and behavior of homo sapiens, developing a radically different world view that will not only make anthropologists scream in horror, but will make religious folks want to bring back burning at the stake. The proposed theory is a common denominator to a lot of other research, mythologies and doctrine. It is said that there is some truth in everything, but in this case, a lot more truth than anyone ever realized—just happens that a few things got “lost in the translation”2 over the generations. And that is what this paper attempts to correct.

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