Antidepressants and selfishness

he following is a mail I received today, about antidepressants and selfishness. This is something I have spoken about here. Since antidepressants ruin the frontal lobes, where caring and love come from, and leave the rest of the brain intact, where selfishness and self preservation come from, there is no doubt that antidepressants cause people to become selfish, because they destroy the empathy which causes people to be giving. This mail states it very nicely.


I just found your website after trying to find a link to anti-depressants and selfishness.

Finally, there is a cause and affect.

I have family members and friends and former family member that take/took anti-depressants for years. I observed that the level of selfishness of these individuals was quite shocking and puzzling at the same time.

You are the first person to have it in print that indeed the cause and affect can be these horrific anti-depressant drugs!

This is pharmakia at it’s finest for destruction of human nature.

Thank you.



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