The 6th Sun – A Survival Guide by Chris Thomas

The 6th Sun – A Survival Guide by Chris Thomas

(Excerpt:)  We, humans, have become so used to seeing
ourselves in a physical way that we have,
largely, forgotten that we are a created
collection of energy frequencies – something
we call a soul or a consciousness.
In order to take on our physical bodies, the
soul constructs a shell made up of the energy
frequencies that are specific to the Earth. This
energetic shell we more usually call our
It is easy to forget that we are, like everything
else that exists within the whole of Creation,
comprised of energy frequencies that collect
together to form physical matter.
Underlying the constructive energies of this
Universe is the concept of freedom of choice.
Each soul exists in a state and a location of its
own choosing.
In order to come to Earth we have made a
soul choice to be here and to take on the
energies of the Earth in order to become
physical. We become physical because we
have made a free choice to experience what
being physical is all about.
We are not a body that has a soul but a soul
that has built for itself a body.


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