Quick Guide to Creating (the Alchemy of Manifestation)

First let me say this: TIMELESSNESS and LOVE are the “secrets” they left out of “The Secret”

Okay, let’s get to the Don’ts:

  1. Never wait: Waiting is a state of non-being, vacant of heart and soul. Waiting pulls us into time: past or future, never now.
  2. Never resent or regret. These pull us into a state of waiting (for justice, apology, etc.), which pulls us into time (past).
  3. Never hold to blind faith. This pulls us into a state of waiting, which pulls us into time (future).
  4. Never hold to hope. Hoping pulls us into a state of waiting, which pulls us into time (future).

Now, the Dos of creating:

  1. BE. Soulful being is timeless. It is contented; no waiting or expecting.
  2. CONNECT. Connect with the Source of being. Sense/feel the connection and enjoy it. It is SOURCE ENERY we are tapping into: pure, perfect LOVE.
  3. KNOW. Know the connection to Source is secure; we are LOVED BEYOND MEASURE and each one essential to the workings of the Universe. We are not and never have been alone.
  4. PRESENT. Present your requirement. Requirements for the highest good of all humanity are met with speedy results.
  5. KNOW. Know the template for your requirement is set and accomplished in other realms.
  6. CONNECT with the energy of this template; enjoy the feeling/emotion throughout your body. Taste, touch, smell, hear, see what it is you require and enjoy this fruition template. Linger here awhile if you like. Breathe it into your environment. Listening to music that matches the energy can help.
  7. BE. Be in the reality of your requirement. And be prepared. DO whatever you feel inspired or prompted to DO. Instructions may come quickly or not at all.




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