Kp Message…”The Energies from the Big Island Point of Contact”

Kp Message…”The Energies from the Big Island Point of Contact”

I’m not sure what this message is all about, exactly. All I knew was it wanted to come out. So here it is.

From this region over here, I can sense a rather large surge of Light coming over the planet. Maybe more precisely put, a “surge of Enlightenment”. Whatever you call it, it feels like a wholesome things for the planet, and that’s also evidenced in the so-called “creepy things” coming out of the closets and trying to wreak havoc.

Globally… Internet-ally… Individually… “stuff” is happening, within and without.

Just spoke today with someone about the seemingly continuous stream of body part aches, tingles, sharp pains, dull pains, and so on, that we have had the last few years. My own case, just about every single body part has felt these aches, tingles, sharp pains, dull pains (and so on). Feet, knees, and, most recently, a groin pain, that I just noticed today, had gone away (hooray)!

That seems to be the way it is. They come, and they go. The name often used by Light-type-following folks is, “Ascension Symptoms”. Great thing I’ve found, is that, if you do NOT make any “big deal” out of them, it seems they just “do their thing”, and then fade away.

Some of the writings by Karen Bishop were a big help (and a big awakening to these “symptoms”).

So anyway, all of this about ascension symptoms. I do like to remember that the only time these could become a “problem”, is by holding on to them. Now this does not mean that you ignore the symptoms, and do whatever necessary medically, or treatment-wise (acupuncture, massage, rest, NOT kicking doors or rocks or hard things). But just let them be… and let them pass.

Recall these definitions (mine, actually):

Rising up to Higher Self = Ascension
Staying at the same old same old and in the same old same old paradigm (smaller self) level = Ass-End-sion (pronounced the same as “ascension”)

Today, I prefer the “Ascension” way.

So I guess the deal is, a lot of things are coming out now that might “poke” at the being. And guaranteed, if there are any old paradigm buttons to be pushed, they will be felt. That’s what all this is for. At least from my view. It’s to help us clear out the “old paradigm” stuff that needs to be cleared, so our potential “ass-end-sion” journey becomes and/or remains an “Ascension” one.

That seems to be it.


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