The Story Behind The Story

I have not been a “fan” of Ex-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.   I frankly thought he would only tackle “safe” so-called conspiracy theories – and that made him quite suspect to me.

I publicly declare that I may have been wrong in my earlier estimations.  Recently, he exposed what is clearly one of the BIGGEST and BADDEST realities of a secret, UNELECTED government cabal of SATANISTS run amok – the covert manipulation of the American public via specific, targeted microwave pulses.   While not digging DEEPER than interviewing Dr. Robert Duncan -at least Ventura has opened the Pandora’s box – and done it in a very honest and objective manner.


I have personally been exposing the implications of MK Ultra and mind-control microwave technology (AKA The Sound of Silence – or the Voice of God (VOG)  for a decade and a half on “The Story Behind the Story.”   This is…

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~ by cloudslikemountains on January 7, 2013.

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