Canada: the massacre of the Indian people by the means of the destruction and exploitation of their children.

I read this long blog article titled “Canada: the massacre of the Indian people by the means of the destruction and exploitation of their children.” from—–Donde Vamos? —that gives a very good condensed outline of the work of Rev Kevin Annett and others, who at their expense of life and liberty, to expose this scandalous treachery against aboriginal children being undertaken in our society.

Some excerpts translated to English:

1859:—The Jesuit Paul Durieu, installed in British Columbia, plans to exterminate all the non Christian Indian chiefs. A model which was then current in Indian Residential School, boarding schools for the Indian children of whom we are going to speak again for a long time.

1862-63 : —Epidemic of smallpox introduced by an Anglican missionary, a future bishop, John Sheepshanks, who inoculated the virus to Amerindian children. That, under the cover of the provincial government and the business trade of furs of the Hudson Bay company, which sponsors the first Protestant missions to Indians. It is also the first bacteriological warfare known for the history, and it allowed gold diggers to plunder the lands of these thousand murdered Indians.

1870 :—The English crown gives away the lands of the Indians to the Anglicans and the other catholic missionaries.

1873 :–We establish a military force (the Mounted Police) which has among its responsibilities to repress all the Indians on the reservations, and that along the length of the railroad which crosses the country.

1876 : –the Indian Act removes from the Indians the status of citizens. They can not vote, are considered minors and can not go to court, which is always the case.

1886 :—The Indian ceremonies are forbidden.

1889 :–The Indian schools are forbidden, the children have to go to boarding schools intended for the natives.

1891 :–First mass deaths of Indian children in boarding schools because of untreated tuberculosis. The government does not care.

1905 :–More than a hundred of these residential schools are active in Canada.

1907 :— Dr Peter Bryce who is a head doctor in the Indian Affairs, makes a study of the health of the children in these boarding schools. It emerges from it that more than half (between 35 and 60 %) children die because of tuberculosis which is deliberately introduced there by the staff. Bryce spoke about a ” national crime “. In parallel, the head of the Indian Affairs, Duncan Scott, looked for a Final Solution in the “Indian problem”, these people seen by him as a sub- race.

It is moreover he who made the Bryce report to be wisked off. All this was thus deliberate, and the virus was deliberately introduced, to eradicate Indians. Can we imagine that such a system continues today, for example with the H5N1, the AIDS, the bird flu, or the next viruses which they are going to send us? Certainly not …

1910 :— Duncan Scott entrusted by contract the management of the residential schools to the Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Methodists.

1919 :–End of the medical examinations in the residential schools.

1920 :–All the children of more than 7 years must be sent to residential schools otherwise the parents go to prison and take a fine. There, half of their children died.

1925 : Creation of the United Church of Canada to Christianize everyone, financed by the crown of England. It inherits all the boarding schools and the lands stolen by the Methodists and the

1928 : Law on the sterilization in Alberta, which allows to sterilize the children of residential schools without their knowledge on decision of a priest. At least 2,800 children were so mutilated. A similar law is adopted in 1933 in British Columbia. In the 30s, it is the boom of residential schools, there would be approximately 130 in the country.

January 1939 :— Cowichan children used as guinea pigs in experiments conducted by German doctors at the school to Kuper Island Vancouver Island. The home was run by German Catholics. In the following years, future Canadian Prime Minister took care with defining the genocide in a way that the genocide of the Native Americans does not go into this outline.

1946-1952 :Hundreds of Nazi doctors and SS obtain the Canadian citizenship(Project Paperclip, of which archives just starting to come out). And many conducted their experiments in the Indian residential schools, the military and other clinical centers such as that of Dr Ewen Cameron, who worked on the projects of mental manipulation of CIA MK ultra and Monarch. On the patients, they test the use of drugs, the electric shock treatments, the sleep deprivation, the traumatic shocks, this to develop the mental manipulation.

1956 :A survivor of the Lincoln Royal Canadian Air Base to Calgary (Alberta) says that a doctor who had a SS tattoo tortured children to death, among whom Indian children were brought by the cops of the RCMP ( the royal Canadian mounted police), coming from Catholic residential schools. Survivors of the military bases of Suffield in Alberta, Nanaimo in British Columbia, the Lakehead psychiatric hospital in Ontario evoke similar facts.

1962 – 1971 : —Thousands of Indian children are deprived of their families within the framework of the program ” sixties scoop ” which would have concerned officially 20,000 children. Strangely, we observe that the current program of adoptions forced in the United States looks like “Sixties Scoop” a lot, these children’s raids which could have been only a test. Many of these children died and the circumstances were hidden.

1970 :–Due to the revolts, the government gives up the education of the Indian children to the Indian communities, little by little. In 1972, the Indian Affairs orders the destruction of all the personal files of Indians, including the origin and the documents of property. In 1975, the majority of residential schools had gone out of the orbit of the Catholics. Nevertheless, the abuses continued in numerous institutions passed to the natives, namely nursery schools. The last boarding school closes in 1996.

1980 :— Further to the pressure of the Indians, the government establishes a puppet assembly of not elected leaders, which does not try to investigate into the abuses committed against Indians, nor to ask for the sovereignty of the Indian people.

1986:—The United Church of Canada asks “for forgiveness”. But it does not want to compensate its victims.

1989 :— Nora Bernard, who survived the residential school of New Brunswick, starts the pursuits against the Canadian Roman Catholic Church and the government. She was murdered in December, 2007 , just before the “excuses” of the government for residential schools. Nora Bernard has anyway been at the origin of the biggest ‘ class action ‘ of Canada, representing 79.000 survivors.

1993 – 1995 :—Indians speak publicly about children murders at the St Andrews school of Port Alberni, which was managed by the Roman Catholic Church of Canada. It is there that officiates Kevin Annett, this minister who fell on a land transaction between the government and the church which concerned lands bought, which stolen from Indians. Annett is fired following his public indignation about this scam. Then an other one speaks about children battered to death in another residential school.

1996 – 1998 :—-Annett makes public hundreds of testimonies reporting crimes in residential schools. From there, he has plenty of troubles (divorce, trials). Trials instituted by survivors follow nevertheless. Compensations begin to come for the 86,000 survivors, demoralized to see that they try to buy their memory. And of the millions of dollars of diverse and varied subsidies raining on the reservations. But the money was very badly distributed, and often monopolized by the tribal leaders and the other administrations.

2000 :—As 10,000 survivors had lodged a complaint, the Church of Canada asked the government to restrict the scope of the prosecutions and to assume the first responsibility for the crimes committed in boarding schools. Numerous courts will refuse moreover to Indians the right to prosecute the Church.

2002 :—The Church leads a propaganda campaign to say that it will be ruined if she has to assume the consequences of the prosecutions. As a result, the government took the full responsibility of the crimes, including the financial compensations.

2005 :—Survivors indicate to Annett the mass burial places, in other words mass graves, close to old residential schools of British Columbia. They put together then “Friends and relatives of the disappeared “ (friends and close relations of the missing persons). The movie Unrepentant is realized from the works of Annett.

2007 :—The government sets up a reconciliation and the truth commission , which refuses to compensate more than half of the survivors.

June 2008 :—Under the pressure, the government “apologizes” for the crimes, while trying to minimize them. There is still no way of making the Church pay.

2009 :—A witness to the murder of child, Johnny “Bingo” Dawson, was killed by the police, who had threatened him if he spoke.

2010 :—The contacts between the Canadian, Irish, Italian, German and English survivors of the Church are formed. It seems clearly that Ratzinger, the pope, worked all his life to hide these abuses to the public.

2012 :–While the government still makes a pretence of making of the “reconciliation” and the “truth”, legal actions are seriously going to start. In passing, let us specify that the survivors of residential school express deep contempt literally for the “Truth and reconciliation commission” which tries to fill them with smoke since a few years already, with great bursts of subsidies. And today, we do not still know the number of children who passed in these boarding schools. We speak officially from 100,000 to 200,000 children.

We can speak about genocide by many aspects. In particular because we find in that of the Indians of Canada three usual phases: conquest, seclusion, destruction. But that of the Indians lasted for a long time and worked by successive waves, under the cover of the religion and of the education. The survivors speak about Christian concentration camps.

In 1910, most of hundred of boarding schools ( the residential school ) to which are sent the Indian children of Canada are in the lap of the Roman Roman Catholic Church. These residential schools were real death houses, where the rate of death was even worse than in the Nazi concentration camps: according to the available figures, it seems that more than half of the children died there every year, and it for half a good century (against 15 in 20 % a year in concentration camps). Duncan Scott wrote it in 1910: the massive deaths of these Indian children in residential schools are “in agreement with the policy of the ministry, which is directed to the Final Solution of the Indian problem “.

And this Final Solution was rather effective: between 1900 and 1960, the mortality rate of the Indian children of these boarding schools oscillated between 40 and 60 % a year. During sixty years, this rate remained the same, in spite of “advances in medicine” and the fertility of the lands on which were installed these “schools”. Of course, the State made everything to hide this reality. A few years later, this concept of “Final Solution” was was taken up by the Nazis.

Furthermore, from 1920 till 1930, right in the heart of the massacre, the medical inspections were outright suspended in boarding schools. All in all, between 1890 and 1996, it is from 50 to 100,000 children who died in these mournful places.

And then, there was this policy of sterilization. Centers of sterilization existed, in which young people were given drugs and sterilized, especially if they were not Christian. But all the registers concerning these sterilizations were destroyed from 1995, when the investigation of the State started.
The boys were sometimes put in front of intensive X-rays to be made sterile, or else they made them drink poisons.

Today, they “inoculate”. But in the vaccine, there is sometimes only a sterilizing product. Annett explains “in 2004, we discovered that the World Health Organization had administered sterilizing substances over years at the same time as vaccines against the flu and the polio, to the native women of the Filipinas(Philippine) and the numerous countries of Africa. In the same way, more than 40,000 men and women Inuits were made barren by the Department of the Health of the USA (US HEALTH DEPARTMENT) between 1986 and 1993 after they administered them a serum named Heptavax, a drug of sterilization forbidden in most of the countries of the world” .

And when the babies, often the fruit of rapes by the ministers and company, were born nonetheless, they were killed.
However, this process of sterilization did not come to an end with the residential schools. Royce White Calf, a old Lakhota who was judge of the Tribunal concerning these boarding schools in June, 1998 in Vancouver, estimates that between a third and one half of all the aboriginal women of the Canada West and of Alaska were sterilized by physical or chemical intrusive methods around 1980.

Google translate for much more.

Robert Smith O’Ghobhain
Sarnia, Ontario


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