Signs from the Universe Are All Over: The Collapse Is Already Happening and It’s Happening—Slowly! – thoughts from ~Jean

Signs from the Universe Are All Over: The Collapse Is Already Happening and It’s Happening—Slowly! – thoughts from ~Jean

Here is what I see are some signs from the Universe, from the ONE all around us that the collapse has been happening for sometime and will continue to happen in the manner we are now seeing: a gradual, slow collapse that will gradually pick up speed and maybe eventually become an avalanche. What I think is that it will not be is a huge, shocking one-time, big collapse like we have been led to believe. I’ve decided to follow David Wilcock—and simply stop fighting. Instead, while I will report the news, I’m no longer going to report the hysterical ‘stuff’ that distracts us from the ‘real’ news of which there is now so much, and I’m just going to ‘watch’ the collapse. 

Please let me explain.

Finally, finally, after being stuck for a very long time in my initial thinking, I have broken lose into a new framework, which I will attempt to share with you. Here’s the main reason I think the change will be gradual: so many of those we know and love, and really, far too many of the people on the planet, as well, simply aren’t ready to deal with catastrophic change. Their psyches might implode—for want of a better word. I think the ‘good guys’, who are on our side, have understood this, and I think the tales about this military takeover have been a lot of disinfo. I think a lot of well-meaning folks may have been used in the process, too, although I could be wrong on this.

Many of our friends and family members are still asleep, and try as we might, we haven’t been able to get their attention. Carl Boudreau suggests on November’s Astrology Report that there will be tough events this month that will knock people out of their complacent attitudes, and I think that these events will be a very important in dislodging them from their nice, safe little boxes. To me, Carl’s post is a message from the Universe—you take it where you can get it!

I want my family going along with me! I don’t want to leave those I love behind. This fact may be blinding me to the real truth, but I don’t think so. While I/we don’t have any idea about someone else’s soul contract, most people have been so busy just surviving, they haven’t had a chance to even look at what is going on, or they are simply afraid to do so. I’m simply putting my ideas out to you for your consideration, because I don’t pretend to have the total picture. No one can, not really, because it’s just too big. I happen to think we need everyone’s input to arrive at some valid picture of the whole.

Very early on, like most people, with great excitement I bought into the channeling, and the scenario painted by these people has really stayed with me, largely because I do believe we are going into the Golden Age, and I know we must have financial justice before we can enter it. What I didn’t see before is that we are still going to have financial justice, but we just aren’t going to be hit over the head with it, so that it practically kills us as it arrives. Even as I left channeling behind, realizing—my thinking now, and it needn’t be yours—that it was mostly coming from the astral planes, a place of wishful thinking, I still hung onto the sort of channeling ideas that come from Matthew Ward—so lovely, so magical, but I think now, not very real…

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