A conversation/report :
   [2:28:21 PM] Neil Keenan: The Nova Scotian Fishing Industry is under attack.
The Bush Cabal has been silently stalking the industry that kept Nova Scotians alive for hundreds of years in their attempts to buy up or buy out all licenses in the Province.
[2:33:05 PM] Neil Keenan: Well recognized, Nova Scotia is a remarkable Canadian Province sloping into the Atlantic Ocean.
Often you will see fishing boats bearly above the water line filled with the fish that keep people alive on a daily basis.  From the South Shore, Lockeport, Woods Harbour,  Halifax and other towns make their living by placing their lives on the line going out in the good and bad weather in their attempts not only to make a living but to keep us alive.  Finding a 50 year old fisherman without any prior injuries is like finding an NFL Player without having had a concussion.
[2:37:00 PM] Neil Keenan: Meetings have been taking place throughout the South Shore and the Hero that has stood up for South Shore Nova Scotians is Vincent Goreham.  He has shown the slick willies that he can slide with the best of them and when he penetrates their meetings without invitation they find it necessary to throw this man out before to many people learn the truth.   Neil Keenan who knows Mr. Goreham states that Vincent has many a card up his sleeve and this is how he wins.  He is holding all the aces and then some.
  The Cabal who are fishing around in unfriendly waters are in for a dunking sometime in the very near future and do not be surprised if the charge is led by outspoken but gentlemanly Vincent Goreham.
[2:37:51 PM] Neil Keenan: On the other hand the Rothschilds/Battenberg-Queen E group are actually paying farmers not to grow crops in Ireland and other nations.
[2:38:53 PM | Edited 2:48:25 PM] Neil Keenan: What this is telling us is they want to control the food supply and if we let them get that far then we are in deep water ourselves.  Keenan says how can they get that far when they are playing with fake money and when it is exposed  they will become fish food themselves.  So much for the Cabal!!!!
    This just one example of the business as usual that has to be ended…and those who participate, see the names.

~ by cloudslikemountains on October 9, 2012.

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