Sade – Cherish the Day (Tuned to A-432 hz Universal Resonant Frequency)

Songs should be tuned to A-432hz. Listen to the how the opening guitar part comes at you compared to the original recording. I changed the tuning here from the industry standard A-440hz to A-432hz. A-432 is an extremely harmonious and perfect tuning. The sound is fuller, brighter, warmer, and more colorful than A-440hz, and it brings out the emotions of both the musicians and Sade. The sound feels “dead center” to me and it has a relaxed, spacious, organic “real” quality, instead of the compacted high-strung tense quality of standard A-440hz. When A above middle C is tuned to 432 hz, instead of the standard 440, then every single note of the C-major scale becomes a whole frequency, not fractions of frequencies like it is with A-440.

Listen to the beginning of the original recording then listen to this right afterward, and the difference will jump right out at you.

For those of you into metaphysics and numerology, 432hz is a pitch/vibration of love (4+3+2) adds up to the number 9 (the number of love), which contains the sacred divisibility by 3. 440 (4+4+0 = 8), which does not contain the sacred 3.

432 hz hits the heart chakra and you will literally “feel the music”. I’d love to hear what differences you notice!


~ by cloudslikemountains on October 1, 2012.

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