Giant Cloud Mothership Over Austin, Texas, USA – August 31, 2012


JP, a longtime reader of the 2012 Scenario, took this stunning photo (at left, and enlarged below) on the night of August 31 over Austin, TX.

JP writes: “The clouds here have been absolutely stunning over the past couple of months but it’s getting more and more spectacular lately.

“I took this picture on the night of the full moon (August 31) . This cloud came in with heavy winds and all the other clouds in the sky were changing rapidly. This cloud just parked itself right over the city and didn’t move for well over three hours.

“I started watching it around 6:30pm and watched until it was dark and it never really seemed to go anywhere.

“I thought the strangest thing about it was that no one was really paying all that much attention to it. Meanwhile, I was in total amazement and awe. Anyways thought I would pass this along. I have the feeling I will be seeing a lot more of these :) ”.  Oh, you will JP – and so much more….   from Stephen Cook at the 2012 Scenario


~ by cloudslikemountains on September 3, 2012.

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