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May 31, 2012

I fully realize I’m not writing in a way that pigeonholes me in some easy category. This has been the way since the beginning of this site. And there is a reason why. I was a painter for many years before I began working as a reporter. From painting, I saw that magic was real and it was powerful. I experienced it. I also saw that there was an operation underway to bury the individual—and worse, to eradicate the memory of the idea of the individual.

Real magic is the territory of the individual, not the group.

Individual power is the target of the globalists.

So I work both sides of the street, so to speak. I don’t exclude subjects simply because it puts some puzzlement in the minds of my readers. I want to shake things up. I want individuals to take full advantage of the fact that there is much, much more to life than is usually advertised. That’s why I put together THE MATRIX REVEALED. I thought it was time to lay it all out on the table.

Real magic isn’t something that takes place in dark rooms with symbols and rituals and costumes and robot followers. It isn’t a code word for Satanic. It has nothing to do with all that garbage. Real magic has everything to do with the innate ability of the individual. It has to do with breaking through the illusion that the space-time continuum rules and limits our lives. This isn’t a voyage everybody wants to embark on. But it’s a journey some people have been waiting their whole lives to take, because they realize there is something phony inherent in the reality we accept as final.

Reality isn’t only what elites are doing to the global population. It’s also about what we do to restrict our own individual power, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t point that out.

 1) Introduction

You can pose a problem to a person that pits one of his emotions against another. It’s a clever strategy. In fact, it’s more than clever. It’s ingenious. For example, you hogtie him by balancing his desire for freedom against his desire to serve, to be liked.

This is no small thing. The person can’t wrap his mind around such a paradox. He feels like a steel ball in a pinball machine. He wants to be free and independent and strong, but at the same time, he wants praise and he wants to be known as “good.”

This problem, over time, if not resolved, acts like a drug on consciousness. It produces a state of narcosis. Which is another way of saying: surrender.

Surrender is a close cousin to sacrifice. Here is a quote from the Edward Bernays of fiction, the fat little manipulator, Ellsworth Toohey, a pivotal character in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead:

“Every system of ethics that preached sacrifice grew into a world power and ruled millions of men.”

These days, millions of young students all over the world are being conditioned to support a new world in which the sacrifice and lessening of the individual are sacred virtues.

The students approve and join ranks, because they have nothing else to live for. They can’t think for themselves, they can’t imagine the other option, which is individualism. For them, individualism is degraded and stands for nothing more than unattractive unbridled greed and petty materialism. So they’re trapped.

The truth is they shouldn’t be in college at all. They should be living in the world and discovering for themselves the meaning of their lives. They should be free to make mistakes, to fail, to start over, to test themselves against group consciousness and rise above it or submit to it and experience fascism first-hand.

The famous mind-control doctor, Jose Delgado, who worked out of Yale, once wrote, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind…” That’s precisely the position of the guardians of the Matrix.

They seek the Landru, which was the name given to a computer-simulated dictator that ruled a planet in a Star Trek episode. The population is kept subservient by this machine—all for the sake of peace and the end of violent conflict.

Well, everyone wants peace. So on one level, this radical Landru solution seems reasonable. But the price to be paid is the liberty of every person.

The aim of mind control is the use of universal ideals as the lever to push populations into a diminished state of power. “You want X, don’t you? Of course you do. You can have it, if you’re willing to make a sacrifice.”

And what is that sacrifice?


So you get this paradox, for example. “All selves want peace. Here is peace. Just give up self.”

A careful reading of the Bhagavad Gita, the famous battlefield conversation between Krishna and Prince Arjuna, reveals that Self is presented as a shifting ground of meaning. One the one hand, Self is distinct and individually immortal. On the other hand, Self is a piece of a larger Being, a piece of cheese in the Big Cosmic Cheese.

This latter version is important as one instance among thousands, historically, in which we’re told that Self should be splendidly sacrificed—after all, it is an illusion that walls us off from “greater enlightened consciousness.” But the illusion is not self; it is actually the fabrication of the Big Cheese. That is the principle that enabled the ancient caste system—and it is being repeated today, as individuals are enlisted in the Larger Cause of “humanity.”

Here is the problem. If distinct and individual self is defined as petty and grasping and shallow and arrogant and even “mentally disordered,” then when a person considers the possibility of rejecting the Big Cheese of “higher collective consciousness,” the alternative (individuality) seems unpleasant, to say the least.

And that is why I have been writing on these pages for the past ten years.

Because there is a way to see the individual as great and free and powerful and creative, possessed of an infinite quality called imagination. And when that view comes to the foreground, the world (and the Matrix) are turned upside down. Forever.

All spiritual systems are false. They either teach individual absorption into some greater whole, or they teach freedom while organizing that freedom under the banner of authority, which is no freedom at all.

2) Notes on the Foundation of Magic

Magic rests on the ability to set aside the personal conviction that physical reality flows always and only as we experience it every day.

There are an infinite number of possible magics, which is to say, one can come at magic from an infinite number of paths. They are not rote copies of someone else’s system. And by system, I mean something divorced from self, divorced from one’s own desires.

As an analogy, consider the following: you read a book containing a hundred short stories. In each of these stories, there is a person who does magic. Each person does magic in a different way. You discover that, in one of the stories, the way a person is doing magic has a particular resonance, a particular closeness for you. Would you try to do magic by using the other 99 approaches, or would you go to the one that has strong appeal first?

Magic works changes in the space-time continuum. Magic overrides or replaces or supersedes the normal actions of the continuum.

Trying to explain how magic works by citing principles, methods, laws, and systems of the continuum is not informative.

The continuum can be likened to a machine that makes drip-coffee, one drip at a time. Serial time and serial chains of cause and effect are the patterns. Magic does not operate in that fashion.

The stories and sustaining myths we tell ourselves over and over, the stories to which we return, again and again, are capsules in which we float; and we sense that, if we can extend those tales, take them further than we have ever taken them before, we might emerge into the realm where we can do magic. This is called escape from the labyrinth.

Certainly, our state of mind, when we try to do magic, is important. If we are carrying too much baggage, if we feel burdened by our situation in life, we reduce our chance of success.

Magic has been called manifestation, and it is that. But the idea that one can start from zero and achieve manifestation in five minutes is a product of our warped desire to have everything we want all at once. It is a first cousin to entitlement.

The road to magic begins with imagination, which is the capacity to create realities that do not exist in the continuum.

The Matrix is the sum of things that keep us from doing magic. One of those things is continuing to perceive reality as we always have. Imagination is more powerful than perception.

Emotional magic begins with imagining what you desire. It is the first step. Living with and around and inside the imagining is the next step.

Trying to do magic out of an abject sense of desperation is asking for disappointment. Magic isn’t about failing to live in this world. It isn’t about mere escape. It isn’t about the overwhelming nostalgia that accompanies trying to regain something from the past that was lost. It isn’t about excusing a lack of success.

Achieving what is called the paranormal isn’t about trying to cut one’s self off from the world.

Doing magic isn’t merely substituting manifestation for hard work. A person who shrinks away from hard work shouldn’t go anywhere near magic.

A person who conceives of his own desires in some superficial flattened form needs to revolutionize and deepen his outlook. Is the absolute upper limit of what he desires a Rolex?

Wanting to help others isn’t a sign of weakness. But buying into a system that preaches and teaches helping others, while actually using that impulse to control massive populations is illusory and anti-magic.

A person who has gone beyond basing his ideas on mere feedback signals from the world and his own body, who has gone beyond seeing everything under the sun as a problem that needs to be solved, who has glimpsed the wider meaning of living a truly creative life has taken his first steps on the road to magic.
Jon Rappoport


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