The Lie Nasa Told

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This is an amazing video with the pure ring of truth for me.


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The legalisation of Marijuana , Sweet Mary-Jane, Pot, Grass, Weed, Dope, Wacky Bakky, Chronic, Skunk; the media machine has granted its production and distribution for the general public.
Since it illegalisation it has been promoted as a medical wonder that relieves pain in those with CHRONIC ailments. Now it is to be distributed to all. The implication is that mankind is in so much pain that ingesting a plant , most it seems will smoke it, will take away that pain.
If one uses a painkiller to take away the pain it obviously becomes addictive until the origin of the ailment is removed. Thus marijuana for pain relief must be ‘addictive’, despite the ‘scientific proof’ that it is not. One of the reasons for promoting ‘weed’ is that it isn’t addictive. The machine metal mind that sustains consumers does not care whether its addictive or not, once people buy it repeatedly the result is much the same. Inculcate it into the marks’ lifestyle and hey! presto, they will demand to be associated with ‘chronic dopeweed’. This is why the corporate musicians were used to promote it via their repetitive-4-chord, nod-nod rhythms while they entwined , like a vine, with freedom and liberation. Commercial reggae was used because of the association with black people as slaves who are freed by ganja and repetitive trance-like beats. Rock music used the whiteskin jesus-lookalike longhair who took listeners on a screeching soul-trip to the stars. Both genres essentially enslave youth in nod-nod, smoke-filled atmospheres, united in their desire to be isolated by plant-based and synthetic ideologies – grinning.
Humans may be used by both plant [nature-reproduction] and metal [ money, weapons, digital language, media] to further their genetic electro-genetic pattern.
Machines fill the world with more machines which herd humans into further machine-making and the production of nature-based chemicals to ingest, ingestion of which channels humans into lifestyles in which machine and reproducing nature control omni-humanity’s lifetime.

Uncle Sam is a warmonger. The Uncle Sam cartoon-poster-propaganda personality points at you, yes you, and says that ‘ WE [ collective humanity] NEED [ requires and essential for life ] YOU [ whether you like it or not. And by ‘YOU’ the poster implies ‘you who are alone and standing in the way of the collective humanity ‘behind’ the poster].
‘TO STAND UP[ be counted , don’t be the last one to stand up or you’ll be seen. Stand up for yourself you sniveling, cowardly non-person wretch]. FOR YOUR RIGHTS [ implication – your right to take marijuana, mostly be smoking. Implication 2 – you’re such a weak-willed, lily-livered non-person that we good people have to tell you to stand up for your rights as you are so pathetic etc., etc. ]

Uncle Sam here is GREEN, because green means good for the environment or mama nature, or eco-friendly.
Unco Sam would also like that you sit back and don’t complain about the drone-screen-machine-war on humanity carried out by zombified humans with deep-screen, torture-tolerant, meta-programming.

You can avoid smoking marijuana and bake cakes and other foodstuffs but smoking is a far more effective delivery system and , despite health warnings, delivers tobacco to millions of people every hour.

Marijuana legalization benefits tobacco companies far, far more than it will ever benefit their customer.

Some say that it will stop people ending up in prison for a non-violent , victimless crime.
The US has a privatized prison service – replacement criminals will be found. In fact they could still be the free-to-use-maryjaner arrested and imprisoned on another non-violent crime such as stealing food while on the 3rd strike and receiving 25years , or life, while corporate thieves rake in crookedly-but legally acquired billions, creating financial crises to increase stress levels among humans leading to criminal activities or isolation-insulation via routine drug ingestions, and then they are given insane, unspendable bonuses which are flaunted and then written up as ‘well-deserved’ and awarded ‘person of the year’ celebrity go[l]dhead status.

It is also mooted that it will take income away from drugs-cartels. marijuana is now too bulky for drugs cartels – illegal business thrives from getting as much profit and control from as little of the product as possible. Marijuana is to the drugs cartel what the giant computers of the 1950s are to the tech companies of today – obsolete.
In Mexico the government is battling vigilantes , non-criminal citizens of Mexico, who want the deadly cartels off their streets and lands. The citizen-vigilantes have been asked to lay down their arms. The government seems more protective of the cartels’ interests than once-peaceful non-criminal, non-tax-evading citizenry.
Many people think government and crime go hand in hand and as such the tax from marijuana will go into criminal government coffers.

Sub-Vertising often focuses on the HEAD alone. Pot-heads or jus’ plain ole’ heads, shucks could even be deadheads.

A Blackskin being liberated.

“The planet Earth is evolving from a world of life and human beings, organized socially in nations and civilizations, ruled by verbal ethic languages (laws, religions) into a world of machines, ruled with digital languages (money, science) and organized socially by the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines, corporations that form together the complex FMMI system with a head in ‘world-stock” .

Adam Curtis in the documentary ‘ CENTURY OF THE SELF ‘ notes that Edward Bernays was approached by the tobacco companies to solve the problem of women not smoking cigarettes. Women smoking at that time [ early C20th ] was looked down upon. The Tobacco companies looked down upon not being able to access that mark-ette. Bernays suggested combining female smoking with female liberation and got a gaggle of classy gals onto the street to light up and liberate while frenzied photographers and reporters turned it into front page news.

Image from:

Again in the early C21st we see ‘potsmoking’ and ‘freedom-liberation’ in the same agitprop-popart programming. The 1960s clamped narco-ingestion firmly with liberation theology, the core of the ‘love’ movement spun around the ‘Do what thou wilt’-OTO-Scientology-Church of Satan-Process Church-The Children-Pop-Crop-Death-Cult-Dysfunction-Instant Gratification-HeadOnanism-Anti-Mentality.

While your head spins they spin propaganda into you.

Whiteskin Jesus Cool Type – he’s alright

Liberated cool-babe-love chick. She go choo-choo ” like a train’.

Community-companionship style propaganda

Hey , at-least-it’s-better-than-poison programming

Submit to higher authorities. The Sub-Dom activity in the photograph is an Ayahuasca ritual , submitting to the master and the sacred vine
Smoking is Sacred shamano-propaganda – that is priest-master [ of ceremonies] whose programming you ‘follow’ or ‘go with the f[o]l[l]ow’ as he fills your body with chemicals and suggestions your weakened state cannot resist. Remember to call him MASTER [ Me-Stir] as he is your master and you are a small, defenseless child-cub who is perpetually in need of life-actualisation, direction, and release from TRAUMA. People generally go to brainwashing ceremonies after programming by society and ‘friends’ that they are essentially inadequate but for a small fee handing your inner psyche over to a plant and a sham-man….life WILL [ perpetual future ] be better.
After the TRIP that RIPS please take in some cool films that will syncrometastise your ME-self to the diVINE entanglement.

Remember to validate your drug-choice repeat the word SACRED – Say Cred or SACRAMENT

Take on Roles when you smoke to validate it as ethno-retrieval magic-memory, download spirit beings which will GUIDE you.

Colora-Doh! Legalisation

Note the long-time-sold expensive accessories , the BONGGGGGG!! Bong for a Belle.

Marijuana is no-ways addictable, maaan!!

Combining the faux-shamano with the wonders of the audio-visual allow me to present –


The burning pipe plays centre stage, held by the very old and wise Gandalf , who suffers no smoking-related health problems. He has created a smoke dragon that lights his pipe, doubtless the dragon of the title codenamed SMAUG, a corruption of the word-sound SMOKE [ SMAUK ]. ‘K’ in Slavic languages is often pronounced softly to sound as a G.

The Polish for Dragon is SMOK.

Gandalf blows smoke rings which amaze children , a percentage of whom may attempt to make smoke rings themselves with the help of Philip More-Is good, and they will feel companionship with their elders who have fought for years to reclaim their right [ kingdom etc ] back from the evil sorcerers who made their strengthening wonder-weed illegal.

The mass of humanity is represented by the ORCS – ugly, violent, unintelligent

Pipe-weed is a tobacco strain grown by the Hobbits. Many children and teenagers visit enormous screens that have projected on them giant faces of the heroes and villains. The noise and the total immersion of modern High-de[a]f cinema environments replicate immersion in shamanic ritual – words like tobacco-pouch or pipe or smoking can be inserted into the PLOT along with gratuitous images in situ.

Some of the vocabulary and ideas in this post are shamelessly derived from:
“Sciences Predict & Control the Cycles of its Species to improve Human Life”
which Is linked by A13 to this post –

Won’t ya hurry
Coz I’m tired of these scenes
For a blue coin
Won’t ya bring back
All those colours to my dreams
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
Met a false friend
On a lonely, dusty road
Lost my heart
When I found it
It had turned to dead, black coal
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
You’re the answer
That makes my questions disappear
Coz I’m weary
Of these double games I hear”


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The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit – Anna Breytenbach, “animal communicator”.

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Stompie was reportedly a Mandela victim.

6’4″ tall Mandela and his first wife Evelyn Mase in 1944

It is as if there were two Mandelas.

The Mandela who went into prison was reportedly six foot, four inches tall.

The Mandela who came out of prison was reportedly about five foot, nine inches.

I Believe Nelson Mandela Had Already Died – Godlike Productions

Victim of Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s terrorists planted bombs in public places, thus killing women and children.

Victims of Mandela.

Mandela’s first wife was Evelyn.

Mandela flaunted his girl friends in front of Evelyn.

According to Evelyn: “There was another woman and this one started coming home, walking into our bedroom, following him into the bathroom . . . I declared that I would not allow it.”

The ballroom dancing ladies’ man with a very tempestuous love life

It was reported that Mandela had an illegitimate son.

In her divorce petition Evelyn accused Mandela of beating her, throttling her, and threatening to attack her with an axe.

Nelson and Winnie

Before the divorce, in 1958, Mandela had taken up with Winnie and they eventually married.

Winnie was Mandela’s sort of woman.

In 1964 Mandela was jailed for life.

When Winnie was allowed to return to Johannesburg in 1986 she became a murderous gangster.

Winnie called for her followers to attack their enemies with ‘matches and their necklaces’ – tyres filled with petrol, put around people’s necks, and set on fire.

Winnie set up Mandela United, a militia which recruited thugs from the townships.

These thugs were used to terrorise Black people.

These thugs would kidnap Blacks and take them to Winnie’s home, a large mansion surrounded by electric fences.

Winnie liked to whip her captives, put plastic bags over their heads and then have them disposed of.

Stompie (right) The Truth About South Africa.

Winnie was accused, by one of her bodyguards, of having played a part in the murder of Stompie Sepei Moetesky, a 14-year-old boy.

Stompie was tortured and his throat was cut.

His body was found next to Winnie’s house in 1989.

The ballroom dancing ladies’ man 

Many other boys were murdered, reportedly by Winnie’s gang.

In 1998, Mandela married Graca Machel, the former wife of Mozambique’s president.

Nelson Mandela has been accused of giving no affection to his children, some of whom have died in tragic circumstances.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

At least two of these people are said to be spooks: Jemima Khan, Imran Khan, Naomi Campbell, Charles Taylor (CIA), Nelson Mandela (MI6), Gracha Machel, Quincy Jones, Mia Farrow and Tony Leung

Nelson Mandela is said to have worked for MI6.


Above we see Nelson Mandela and his friend Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor helped to finance the attacks of 9 11 in the USA.

(Liberia’s Taylor gave aid to Qaeda, UN probe finds – The Boston Globe)

From the early 1980s onwards, Charles Taylor worked for the USA’s Defence Intelligence Agency.

In January 2012, this was confirmed by the Pentagon, thanks to a Freedom of Information request from the Boston Globe.


When Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa, crime and poverty increased.

Journalist John Pilger, in his book ‘Freedom Next Time’, tells us:

1. South Africa is rich in minerals.

2. The average black household income has fallen by 19% since independence.

3. “The unspoken deal was that whites would retain economic control in exchange for black majority rule.”

4. “Before 1994, there were secret meetings in Britain between Thabo Mbeki, the white elite and the big global companies with links to South Africa.

Mandela the capitalist terrorist
5. Mandela said to Pilger:

“We do not want to challenge big business that can take fright and take away their money . . . 

“You can call it Thatcherite but, for this country, privatisation is the fundamental policy.”

Pilger writes of Mandela that “as the first liberation president, he ordered a ridiculous and bloody invasion of tiny Lesotho.

“He allowed South African armaments to be sold to Algeria, Colombia and Peru, which have notorious human rights records.

“He invited the Indonesian mass murderer General Suharto to South Africa and gave him the country’s highest award . . . He recognised the brutal Burmese junta as a legitimate government.”


Chris Hani
Mandela was anti-communist.

Winnie Mandela has claimed that the Mandela faction within the African National Congress conspired with the people who murdered the South African Communist leader, Chris Hani in 1992.


“There are some in the ANC who believe ANC members had something to do with Hani’s assassination.

“Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was reported in the London Sunday Times, a week after the assassination, to have told confidants she believed moderate ANC leaders had conspired with the National Party government to eliminate Hani. 

“The report said: ‘according to her, details of Hani’s movements, including critical information about when his bodyguards would be absent, were passed to government security agents, who in turn made this known to Waluz [Hani’s killer, FB]’.” 

Who Killed Chris Hani?

The greatest story never told

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In this blog entry (which will be my last) I will provide a small glimpse of the greatest story available to mankind. Experienced daily, but unknown to the masses, the same drama unfolds on all major layers of holographic nature: atomically, physically, mentally, spiritually and on planetary/ universal level and on all time frames (second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes and ages). The information is too large to grasp and too complex to put into words, thus revelation of a simple, well known myth may help to understand. If you are searching and reflect on this myth, everything else will follow by itself and you will be able to climb an amazing wall of ancient knowledge, which has been lost, but not forgotten.

knowledge (fire) enters and exits matter (mater, water)

The myth that I choose reveals occult anatomy and true nature of man, the universal power of mysteries and of myth itself and it proves beyond any doubt that we live today in the mental ruins of ancient knowledge, not even knowing what it is that we lost and why we should have a need to get it back. I will then connect this myth to the greatest story never told, which is the greatest story of all ages because the story itself is not just a story and it is not just “great”, but the “greatest”, because there can be nothing even remotely comparable to it. It is the only story that can be told by humanity and which has been told throughout the ages in thousands of different forms, languages and styles. This master story is omnipresent in the world today, right in front of our eyes, in plainest sight, yet it lies concealed in deepest mysteries, carefully hidden from profanity by wise priests, protecting this information, guarding it against destruction and alterations, preserving it for eternity, making it incorruptible, preserving its divine truth, making it available only for the honest seeker. If you have the right mental toolkit available, you will be able to decode all ancient myth, all fables, all fairy tales, scriptures and all Hollywood movies. There is a mother of all stories, a final boss of awakening, a highest mystical revelation, a key to the All.

Who is this man?

I will now fulfill a promise that I made in this blog earlier this year, when I announced that I would prove scientifically to the world, that Santa Claus is real and does exists. Yes, that is right, Santa Claus is real and he does exist – and he does not just exist in myth, in imagination or in the mind. He physically exists and does bring presents to all children. He does live at the North pole, he is helped by many elves, he has a sleigh that is pulled by 8 reindeer, he does know our wishes and he does bring toys or coal down the chimney. And he is closely linked to what we today call “Christmas”. The nice side effect, once you receive the key to this wonderful myth, is that you will automatically solve the dilemma on how to communicate to children in a way that allows them to develop and cultivate the highest way of human understanding. Should we tell our children, that Santa is just a myth? After all, finding out, that mom and dad really bring the presents can be quite a disappointment for a child, and it doesn’t feel right lying to children in the first place, does it? Or should we uphold the myth as long as possible, so as not to disturb the romantic childhood? The answer to this dilemma is, that we can do both, because Santa does exist and he doesn’t, both is true. Children love to learn truth, and they openly accept a dual, seemingly paradox answer as the one above, because they are still in the right brain/ holistic thinking. Your great benefit of studying the below scientific facts will be that you also develop your right brain and start understanding myth/ scriptures.

The highest knowledge of humanity, 
condensed in 12 symbols
Living the ritual of Christmas/ Santa Claus today may be compared with a dance seen by a deaf man who does not hear the music to which the motion is timed and who has no clue about the characters who are performing. This is because, in our times, the myth has moved too far out of view. The ridiculous eschatology discussions (end times, heaven, hell, death, rebirth, etc.) of today are driven by a profound lack of proper education. It is not only that people today don`t know – they have also been trained to be unaware about their own ignorance and when they do become aware, there are some mechanism in place to make them feel scared. Eschatological rituals, such as Christmas, can only be comprehended by means of understanding myth. The myth alone may break mind control.

Let`s check – and scientifically explain – elements of the Santa Claus myth:

  • Santa lives at the North pole
  • He is sometimes said to live on an island
  • 8 (later 9) reindeer pull his sled
  • He is surrounded and assisted by numerous elves
  • He enters the chimney and brings toys (or coal)
  • He knows the wishes of all children
  • He is closely linked to Christmas

To understand this myth, we must look to the inside, and get acquainted with (occult) brain anatomy:

The red arrow points to Santa Claus

The Claustrum (Santa Claus) is located (lives) in the human head as part of the Cortex, which is at the very top (north pole) of the body. It is also origin of the term “Cloister (German: Kloster), the place where monks and nuns go to live a secluded life and study scriptures.

white matter, “snow”

The Claustrum is surrounded by White Matter (snow) in the brain. Directly next to it can be found the External and the Extreme Capsule, which resemble a sleigh:

Santa`s sleigh

In the lateral view, The Claustrum is located below the Insular Cortex (Island).

Santa`s Island on the North Pole

It is also lateral to the Putamen (“consideration” – latin putare: “to consider, to think”), which is symbolized by the red cap that is worn by Santa Claus:

Santa`s cap

The Putamen is connected to the Substantia Nigra (latin: “black substance”, coal), which is involved in the process of regulating reward and addictions and appears dark because it contains high levels of Neuromelanin.

If Santa brings coal, you have been naughty

A unique feature of the Claustrum is that there is a uniformity in the function of its cells, all Neurons do the same work (Elves help Santa).

Let`s now move deeper and correlate anatomy to astrology and to scripture (as above, so below, as within, so without):

The Claustrum is sagitally (anatomical term of location, compare: Sagittarius) located in the Cerebrum, and mythical Santa Claus appears in the night between Sagittarius (Horse) and Capricorn (goat), the night of the rebirth of the sun, as it reaches its lowest point on the horizon (winter solstice). After the night of Christmas, the days start getting longer again, it is the moment of spiritual rebirth of life on earth (nature does not yet expand visibly, but days are getting longer again) . You now know why you see Santa Claus riding a goat (Capricorn is the sea-goat, or zygote) on this old postcard:

Nordic Yulegoat – pure astrology

The suture of the skull (Sanskrit “Door of Brahm,”) is the external entry point (chimney) of the planetary Santa Claus/ Christ, where he enters your head (roof top). The internal chimney is the human spine. The Claustrum releases an oily substance (Christ, greek: Christos “oil”, Manna from heaven), which is a secretion (a secret/ a mystery) that is used as basic material by the Pineal Gland (Joseph, father of Christ) to secrete a yellow substance (honey) to the Pingalla (electric, male energy channel) and the Pituitary Gland (Mary, mother of Christ) to secrete a white substance (milk) to the Ida (magnetic, female energy channel).

The land of milk & honey

The oily substance (Christos) moves down the spine (chimney, River Jordan) to the Solar Plexus (Bethlehem, “House of Bread”, of the Virgin”, Virgo). Here the oil is transformed into a psycho-spiritual seed (Ichtys, fish, Ictus, Jesus, Pisces) which then moves (swims) through the body (ocean, body of water containing saline fluid, human blood and sea water are chemically nearly identical).

The first internal biological process (miracle) the seed (Jesus) performs is to transform water and oxygen (spirit, breath, the holy ghust) into red cell “living” blood (wine) during the chemical fusion (wedding) in the lungs (Cana) which are connected to the blood circular system (Galilee). The psycho-spiritual seed (sun, fish, Jesus) later descends to the Sacrum (Kreuzbein = “cross bone”, Holy bone, archetype of the “devil”, ruled by Saturn, “Satan” an anagram of “Santa”, Capricorn), the deepest point in the sun`s journey (abyss, hell).

The Sacrum – a reddish bone, archetype of the “devil”

On the dangerous and difficult way back to the head (promised land, heaven, Israel) the seed (chosen one, messias, hero figure, Horus, Krishna) must now try to leave the lower, animal body (Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrha), defeat animal (sexual) desire (Pharao, Judas, Scorpius), cross the blood barrier (Red Sea) and climb the spine (Jacob`s ladder), which has 33 vertebrae (Masonic 33 degrees) to a place in the skull (Golgotha) where the Vagus Nerve (Tree of Life)/ Cerebellum and spine cross each other (cross). Here the seed is electrically charged (crucified), before it can head further up to the center of the Cerebrum (heaven).

Jacob`s ladder, where angels (electrical impulses) move up and down.
Jacob (“supplanter”, “holder of the heel” = Adam Kadmon, the Cabalist man on Zodiac wheel) has his head on the stone (Petrus), the rock on which the Christian church was founded. The Jew Peter, which is Jupiter, ruler of the Age of Pisces.

It should now become clear that, in a Hermetic sense, during Christ`s mass (Khemet: Kresh Mes, Greek: Christos “oil”) within the body, the internal sun/son is reborn, just as the external sun is reborn at the winter solstice. Illumination works through a conscious, spiritual transformation from the lower mind (He Phren) to the higher mind (Iesous), the human body can be compared to a “lamp” (wordplay: lamb) belonging to god (wordplay  gad= tribe of Aries, “arise” at Vernal Equinox) and when this lamp is ignited by the process described above (exoterically at vernal equinox, esoterically at Passover), the grey matter (the dead) will be activated (reborn).

“Thou anointest my head with oil.” The wise virgins now trim the wicks of their lamps and fill it with oil, before they meet their bridegroom.

The seed then remains 1 moon sign in a skull cavern (3 days in the tomb) and after three days proceeds upwards (ascends) to the Pineal (compare to Winter Solstice). Masonic (Masonry encapsulates the same information as Christianity in a different set of myth and symbols) Hiram Abif has thus created a “stone for the temple builders”, a stone without the mark of the animal man (mark of Beast).

If repeated, the older, destroyed seeds/ stones can also be reactivated (the dead shall rise) and at some stage the electrical energy of the Sacrum (kundalini) is activated and the Queen of 7/ Sheba may rise to the Optic Thalamus (all seeing eye) and reactivate the Pineal (third eye), the “eye becomes single and the body is full of light”. You have thus given 10% (consciousness, left brain hemisphere, Mercury) to receive 100% (right brain, dark matter of the brain, unconscious, right brain hemisphere, Venus) and are part of the order of Mel-chi-tsadiq (black-energy-righteous person). Note how the universe, just like the human brain, contains 90% dark matter. As without, so within.

The serpent Mesi (mes, mas) represented the Gnostic Christ (solar energy active through the miniature sun in the earth center through the human “heart” – the heart of the brain is the Pineal). It consists of 7 souls (planets, colors, musical notes, chakras, cities, churches) + Iesous = 8. Now it becomes clear, why Santa`s sled is pulled by 8 reindeer – the sled is pulled by the Egyptian Ogdoad. The Vatican shows you this in the form of a white dove. Nothing new under the sun!

The Ogdoad is pulling the Capsules of the Claustrum

Santa Claus is thus the giver of the most supreme, divine gift in the human body, the raw material for the oil in the lamp of the magic genie.


I hereby complete Vatican genealogy for the “Newest Testament”
and identify Santa Claus as…
….the grandfather of Jesus!

Why “X”-mas? The Vagus Nerve is cranial nerve no. 10 (roman X), see bottom right in the picture above. He is one of the elders before the throne.

This is what I teach my children:
Santa Claus does exist! He is very real. And he knows whether you have been good or bad…”

Merry spiritual rebirth 2013!

Selected reading references:
Harris Ellett Santee – Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
Gerald Massey – Lectures
Gerald Massey – ancient Egypt, the light of the world
Carey: God-man
Carey: wonders of the human body
Phylotus: Esoteric Masonry
A. Boyd Kuhn – who is this king of glory?
R. Taylor – Devil`s Pulpit

Mayim Bialik: Why women shouldn’t fear home birth

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Home births increased 20 percent over four years, according to new government statistics. Less than one percent of women give birth at home, but clearly there’s a trend toward natural births at home — even though doctors’ groups warn against it. Former “Blossom” star and “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik has given birth at home, loved it, and thinks people need to know more about it.

Denise Herrick Borchert /

My second son was born at our house, in the middle of our living room, just under three hours after my labor began in the darkness of dawn. I would like to speak to the most commonly cited reasons not to have a home birth to try to illustrate why we chose and advocate home birth for women eligible for and interested in this experience.

1) Birth needs a hospital. For all of human history, save the last 200 years of the organized medical establishment, birth was managed by women, for women in privacy and comfort, giving them a safe, dark, quiet place to labor, providing fluids and rest over the days that labor usually takes (that’s right, ladies: days of on-and-off labor is not unusual), and attending to the needs of mother and baby throughout the exciting, powerful, and earth-shattering emotions and sensations. Birth centers that seek to mimic a home environment are a great option for many women, and have started popping up all over the country.

2) Interventions may be necessary. The administration of uterus-contracting drugs like Pitocin, the injection of anaesthesia into your spinal cord (an epidural), extraction of the fetus by vacuuming it out of your body, cutting open the vaginal wall and perineum for faster labor (known as episiotomy, which is no longer routinely recommended by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists): These are interventions that are designed to help hospitals and doctors get the baby out of your body faster, which is not biologically preferable nor healthy for mother or baby. The first intervention most often given, that of Pitocin, brings on contractions more powerful and spaced more closely together than nature intended (which can lead to lowering the fetus’ heart rate, thus causing alarm and often calls for a C-section); it’s no wonder Pitocin very often leads to epidurals. One intervention often snowballs into another, and this is part of what has led to the astounding rate of unnecessary C-sections in this country.

Related story: Home births up, driven by natural birth trend

3) What about the pain? Birth is intense; squeezing a baby out of your body is a challenge, no matter what your “pain tolerance.” However, our culture medicates routinely for a variety of “normal” emotional experiences (encouraging medication for people in the early stages of grief comes to mind), and medicating for the emotions of birth is no exception. The vocalizing and emotional experience that is commonly referred to as “complaining,” “screaming,” or “suffering” is a normal part of labor. Birth is not neat and fast and quiet: it’s gritty and primal. But it’s nothing to fear unless you also think we ought to fear women crying when they are sad or laughing when they are happy. There are numerous effective pain-management techniques to use in labor. I used self-hypnosis for both of my natural labors as well as showers and baths, massage, homeopathy, and the greatest power of all: the power of my mind to force out the notion that pain with purpose – labor — is something to fear.

4) What if something goes wrong? Midwives are qualified to manage a variety of medical complications, and any good midwife knows when transport to a hospital is necessary (as occurred with my first birth). Midwives can stop hemorrhaging, midwives unwrap umbilical cords from around necks and torsos (as happened to my little bundle of joy), and midwives do not need electronic fetal monitors  to know the baby’s heart rate, position in the birth canal, or when the next contraction is coming (any un-medicated mother will make that abundantly clear). If we stop viewing birth as an emergency waiting to happen — it’s NOT — then we can stop imposing anxiety on women about birth. I hear many stories about women and babies dying in childbirth that are designed to make me doubt the power of the human body. I grieve for every woman and every child who has died in childbirth, but I honestly resent being encouraged to make decisions based on these stories. It’s irrational, it’s hysteria-inducing, and it’s insulting to any woman’s intuition and intelligence.

Our culture has instilled in us a fear of the natural experience of birth and a fear of our bodies. In countries where women are supported in their desire and ability for a natural birth (Northern Europe leads this charge), babies and mothers have the lowest mortality rates. Natural birth is not for hippies; it’s for anyone who wants to work hard at breaking down what they have been told is true about birth, pain, and the human body and spirit.

Home birth is right for people who want to take natural birth to the next level: Let me birth in the place this baby was created. Let me labor on the floors I paced in anticipation, let me labor in the rooms of the house where I mused on sleepless nights what this moment would be like. Let me birth with the smells of the kitchen and the faint giggles of the boy who will be this child’s buddy. Let me birth with music playing, with my grandfather’s prayer books looking down on me, with my hair flowing, my inhibitions gone, the doors of my home flung wide open as if to say: I am open to this process, World. I was made to birth this baby!

TODAY Moms contributor Mayim Bialik starred in the early-1990s television show “Blossom” and currently appears on the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” She earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA in 2007, and wrote her thesis on Prader-Willi syndrome. The spokesperson for the Holistic Moms Network and a certified lactation educator, Bialik is writing a book about attachment parenting, and she has two sons, Miles, 5, and Frederick, 2. She will be blogging regularly at